How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Your Market in the Next 24 Hours or Less

FINALLY! SOLVED! What to Actually Do to Stop Sounding Like Every Other Coach, Consultant, Expert, Strategist, “______preneur” or Business in Your Marketplace in the Next 24 Hours Or Less… WITHOUT Major Surgery to Your Brand, High Cost-Low Value Photo shoots or Branding Coaches, Copywriters or “Other Stuff”… Even You Are Just Starting Out, Are Totally Frustrated, Disillusioned, Pissed Off and Overwhelmed By the Sheer Volume of BS, Aren’t Even Sure What Your Messaging Is, or Just Want Your Words to Do the “Pre-selling” So You Can Close More without Working More…

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How to to Be Unique in Business and Stand Out from the Crowd Fast

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Good Solo Practice Building Book for Solo Practitioners- Attorneys, Dentists, Doctors, Therapists, Consultants and Other Service Professionals– Get Your FREE RADICAL Revenue Audiobook

Radical Revenue- The Truth About Why Attorneys, Doctors, Dentists, Therapists + Other Professional Solo Practitioners (Like You) NEED Leverageable, Scalable, Outsourceable Win/Win Income INSTEAD of Chasing Clients and Patients to Boost Your Online Presence, Become an Industry Trailblazer & Generate Unlimited Cash Flow

Unfortunately, the field of dreams is shrinking by the second for Solo Practice Professional Service Providers. Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys, Therapists, Accountants and other professional service providers, are closing their solo practices at alarming rates. Interestingly, despite the dire projections for Solo Practice Service Professionals, the New Connection Economy has created a unique opportunity for Solo Practitioners who dare to think differently.

Tiphanie Jamison VanDerLugt, Esq. has written the game-changer for Solo Practitioner Success in the New Connection Economy, titled RADICAL Revenue. RADICAL Revenue reveals the truth about boosting your online presence, positioning yourself as a unique authority in your industry while generating leverageable, scalable outsourceable, Win/Win income with ease. It’s never been easier for Dentists, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and other professional service Solo Practitioners to build profit pulling lifestyle practices and compete with larger practice groups and firms, than right now, in the Connection Economy.

Posted by Tiphanie in business and entrepreneurship
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