If you are an Attorney, Doctor, Dentist, Therapist or Other Professional Solo Practitioner quietly asking yourself, “if it ever gets easier”….

Can YOU DARE to open your mind to the radical possibility that….

Everything Everybody Has Ever Taught You Or Now “Peddles” About Successful Marketing, Branding or Building Your Practice or Firm is...

RADICAL REVENUE dares you to RE-THINK your practice as a service professional.

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This book is not for the weak or the sensitive. It is real talk!!! In this enlivening, enlightening and entertaining quick read, Tiphanie details the tricks and tactics used by many well-known business coaching gurus that are keeping hardworking, eager, transformational entrepreneurs stuck and going broke.

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Stop being completely stuck, feeling the yuck and drowning in the muck of life TODAY- The Easy Way… The Radical Self Expert is not just another “personal development self-improvement” book. This powerful life-changing method is about the discovery of your unique truth, so that you can be The Expert in your own life, know what actions to take, decisions to make and what is “right” for you with joy, confidence and ease today- The Easy Way!

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The Book on the True Self, is a fun mix of motivational thoughts to expand the mind, inspire truth guided action taking, and beautiful images. Motivational Thoughts + Motivational Images = All Things Great with Books!

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The Book on Pregnancy After Loss, is not just another book on the challenges of infertility. This book is a real, practical insider’s comprehensive guide to successful pregnancies after multiple losses. The Book on Pregnancy After Loss is unlike any other as it is a refreshing, practical approach that goes against the mainstream, fertility support programs which only address the outer levels of fertility( e.g. ovulation, organic foods, support groups, and plain old hope). It is jammed pack full of cited tested resources, ranging from self-empowerment to a little known herbal supplement, which Tiphanie refers to as “the miracle herb.”

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