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  • You Don’t Want to Harness the Power of 2 Proven Psychological Principles + Leverage + Automation So Your Prospects Sell Themselves on You while you grow your business
  • You Want to be overlooked, forgettable and undervalued in the marketplace losing out clients to lesser qualified peers- You enjoy seeing hardworking prospects in pain and pouring $100s, $1000s and $10,000s of dollars into bootleg solutions that YOU KNOW are worthless when you know a better, faster way to get awesome results
  • You Don’t Want a shortcut to R.A.D.-- Revenue, Authority and Differentiation Power
  • You Don't Want to Stay True to Your Self so Your Self-Respect Remains Intact
  • You Want to Keep Struggling, Competing and Fighting for Scraps in the marketplace trying to win the role of “Next Best Copy Cat”- Being a Clone-preneur has always been your goal!
  • You don't want to connect and engage with your prospects in an authentic way that makes them feel heard, appreciated, special and unique… so they lay down their jaded defenses and buy from you now and for years to come
  • You love dancing in the shadows of your mentors, coaches, and gurus;  instead being your own success attracting light...shining in all of your uniqueness... writing the rules so YOU WIN EVERY TIME 
  • You have more time to waste and money to burn chasing after useless outdated business strategies, industry norms and so-called ‘hacks”.
  • You Don’t Want Multiple Streams of Cash Flow + Wealth While Establishing A Distinctly Unduplicatable Category of 1 for Which YOU ARE the Immediate and Only Authority

Hey! It's Tiphanie... :-)

You've read the warning, yes? Cool! So glad you've decided to stay… As a single mother of 4 babies  8  and under (one with special needs...Twins + 1 + 1), I don’t have time to waste, so in the interest of time… here are some bullet points on my biz philosophy aka… "how I roll":

  • Smile + Have Fun + Smile A LOT! + Have Lots of Fun!
  • Never Compete. Create! Look at what other people are doing in the industry and DO THE OPPOSITE!
  • No one size fits all as an entrepreneur; create from you're end goal, then write your own rules
  • Take the Fastest Path to R.A.D.~ Revenue + Authority + Differentiation and the rest will take care of  itself!
  • There is nothing COOLER than Win/Win Income… except Win/Win/Win Income
  • Value is quality not quantity- give, give, give before you get get get... QUALITY over quantity but not time based.
  • Use All of YOU in your business… all of your experiences make you unique… don’t run from them embrace, there are gifts even in the gore of your past
  • Desire Drives Dollars (Euros, Pesos, Pounds...)
  • There Will Always Be an Offer or Offer(s)- Forget that “sales without salesy” non-sense and sell from over-delivering on quality NOT quantity so you wont need a shower to wash off the stank!
  • Build in scalability and leverage from the beginning!
  • Automate to dominate- Automation =emancipation
  • Be Open to Greater Possibilities + Growth-Always!

Still here? Cool! Let’s see….

I’ve been referred to (not by me, cause that would be lame, right? lol) … as the “Monetizer Bunny™”, & the “Profit Princess”... both are funny and flattering. LOL What’s cool is the fact that I hold the #1 Spot on Google and Bing for Leverageable Income without spending a dime on traffic or ads.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a “radical”,.. actually a Gen X Revenue Radical. I learned back in law school a simple principle… “he who writes the rules, wings the game”… so I decided to write my own rules; From opening my law practice with zero experience, mentorship or internships to jumping into online wild wild west.

One thing I’ve discovered in any business or a lifetime (I’ve totally unemployable, thus never worked full-time anywhere)… entrepreneurship, like raising my babies has no operation success manual. There’s NO one size fits all in life or business; heck there’s no one size fits all particularly as an entrepreneur because you’re in the business of sharing YOU + Your Skills, Experiences, and the like with the world (AKA value) in exchange for money. I do have an uncanny ability to help people find ways to make money + provide enormous value in the marketplace while positioning you as the "go to" authority in your industry fast harnessing proven psychological principles via automation + leverage... a sort of 3-n-1 approach-creating more money, fun and freedom with ease, while being true to yourself... hype + BS free.The thing is… this is a Transformation + Connection Economy… and my history of abuse survivor now thriver, has enabled me to use all of these unexpected superpowers as an entrepreneur. The days of perfection have died with the rise of social media. This is a gift for the little guy who wants to make big money and have their life and ALL of their experiences both good and bad, NOT have been in vain. For the scoop on me… raw and uncensored, click here..

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